Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Premium Italian extra virgin olive oil, it is produced in Puglia Italy, 100% natural with nothing added. Our oil is single estate, hand picked early in the harvest (normally October) The olives are cold pressed within 6 hours of being picked from our trees. Our oil is 100% extra virgin olive oil which is produced to the highest possible standard. It is to be savoured and appreciated by consumers who understand and value excellence. In 2014 Zero was warded 2 gold stars in the United Kingdom Great Taste Awards and ZERO was voted one of the best Extra Virign Olive Oils at the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016 being recognised with the Gold Award



Below is a video giving a feel for ZERO and Puglia, where it is produced

OTTIMO is our newest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is produced in exactly the same way as ZERO but is harvested slightly later in the season to give a slightly sweeter and rounder taste. OTTIMO was awarded a Gold Star in 2016 Great Taste Awards


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