Paccheri with calamari

Paccheri with calamari is not only a delicious dish but the size of the paccheri mean that it is also an impressive dish to present to your guests.


400g paccheri pasta

500g calamari

200g cherry tomatoes

200g blended peeled tomatoes

30g crushed garlic

15g finely chopped red chili

30g chopped parsley

60ml extra virgin olive oil

100ml fish stock

Paccheri with calamari

Paccheri with calamari


Clean and cut the calamari into bite sized pieces

Cook the crushed garlic and the chili in a large pan with 30 ml of extra virgin olive oil until golden brown

Add the calamari, cherry tomatoes and the blended peeled tomatoes

Meanwhile in another pan boil the paccheri in salted water for about 10 to 11 minutes then drain the pasta, after tasting the pasta to ensure it is Al Dente

Add the pasta to the sauce and keep cooking for few minutes adding the fish stock little by little if it gets dry.

When the paccheri is cooked simply sprinkle it with chopped parsley and extra virgin olive oil for taste, then serve while it’s nice and hot!

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