8 thoughts on “Buy Online

  1. Love the website – the products all look amazing and very tempting.
    Placing my order now. Claudia.

  2. I have purchased some of your gluten free pasta in our local shop, but it doesn’t have any instructions on how long to cook the pasta.

    1. Hi Janet, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. The cooking time is written on the white label on the back of the pack. If you would like to tell me which pasta you bought then I can give you some more advice, please feel free to email me directly: vincent@tenutamarmorelle.com
      Best regards,


    1. Hi Dee, thank you for your message. We had completely sold out of GF Penne and I took it off line but we have had a new delivery and it is back and available to buy.



  3. We are on holiday in Cornwall. I have just had the most delicious pasta at the Café at S. Moritz Hotel and they have very kindly given me a packet of your penne. Up till now I have been unable to find decent GF pasta and so I am extremely grateful. I shall order it as soon as I get home.

    1. Dear Virginia, thank you for taking the time to write a post. Thrilled that you enjoyed our Gluten Free Pasta. It has been Bronze Drawn and Slow Dried so doesn’t break apart or stick together when you cook it. We now have 11 shapes with our new Fettuccine winning a Star in this year’s Great Taste Awards!! Hope you had a great holiday. Best regards, Vincent

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