Borsari Panettone

Our traditional Borsari panettone have been made in the same way since 1902. Barsari Panettone are made with the very best and proper ingredients including butter instead of margarine, real eggs, milk etc. The actual machinery used to mix the dough are the old fashioned machines, which mix slowly and resemble more of an artisan way of producing the panettone. The dough is mixed for 6 hours and has periods of mixing and resting. The dough is left to rise naturally at a temperature of 30 degrees. A 1kg panettone is cooked for about an hour at 160 degrees
Once the Borsari panettone are cooked they are then cooled upside down at room temperature for at least a day. Then they are beautifully hand packaged

The quality of the Borsari panettone comes from everything being done in the traditional way and time is given to allow things to happen naturally as has been the case with Borsari Panettone for generations.

Below you can see a video demonstrating the way our Borsari Panettone are lovingly produced: