Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

30/01/2014 0 By Tenuta Marmorelle
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the main ingredients within the Mediterranean Diet, which also includes a high intake of vegetables, fruits, fish, a low level of meat and a moderate consumption of red wine. The Mediterranean diet has been recognised by UNESCO as part of the cultural heritage of Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Cyprus and Croatia.

The most important factors when choosing an olive oil is to ensure that the oil is Extra Virgin, this means that the level of residual acidity is lower than 0.8%. Tenuta Moreno’s ZERO oil has a certified residual acidity of 0.2%.

Olive Oil is considered to be beneficial as it contains a very high level of monounsaturated fats, most notably oleic acid, which epidemiological studies suggest may be linked to a reduction in coronary heart disease risk.There is also evidence that the antioxidants in olive oil improve cholesterol regulation and LDL cholesterol reduction, and that it has other anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive effects.

In order to preserve both the taste and the health benefits, olive oil should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and should be sealed when not being used.